April 23rd: Farmers’ Market AGM and potluck

The Farmers’ Market will hold it’s AGM on Tuesday, April 23rd, and you’re invited.

The annual general meetingis a democratic process where members can vote on various aspects of governance, but it’s also a time to discover great new ideas for the themes and the weekly activities of the upcoming the summer markets (starting May 22nd)!

It’s a reflection of the participatory approach of the Farmer’s Market, which is first and foremost a meeting place for local producers and local people. It’s therefore fitting that farmers, artisans, and citizens of all kinds should have the opportunity to participate in the programming.

In order to encourage participation, the market is hosting a potluck-style buffet of savoury local fare, as well as beverages from local producers. 

Two producer positions and one citizen position will be up for election to the Board of administrators.

Location: The Alfred Langevin Hall, 10 King Street, Huntingdon

6 p.m. – The Annual General Meeting

Please RSVP via email: marchefermierhuntingdon@gmail.com

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