The Huntingdon County Farmers’ Market is a producer and community-run non-profit organization. It is a unique rural meeting place centred around access to fresh and local products.

A weekly street festival where Francophones and Anglophones mix and share freely with people young and old, producers, citizens and artisans – the Market features a friendly and open atmosphere and is firmly anchored in the community.



The Huntingdon County Market aims to foster a strong bond between agri-food producers, artisans, and the citizens of the Haut-Saint-Laurent in an effort to contribute to a sense of belonging in our rural community. The Market wants to be a source of pride centred on local agriculture while exerting a robust presence in the region and fostering the direct-to-consumer sale of a wide variety of local, fresh, and high-quality products at a fair price. This is accomplished by creating an excellent point of purchase in Huntingdon during the Summer and the five winter markets. The Market aims to affirm its role as a pillar for local purchasing and ensure its long-term viability and ability to self-finance.

To consult the Rules and Regulations of the Markets, click here. (French only)

To consult the Regulations Governing the Daily Operations, click here. (French only)

May 1st – October 17th 2024

The Summer markets are back in 2024

The Huntingdon Farmer’s Market Board is proud to launch its 19th season of summer markets in Huntingdon. It is with pleasure that we invite you to come and discover the...

from: 2024-05-01 to: 2024-10-17

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